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Mobility in disruption – Fast forward to smart and sustainable societies

The main theme of ECOMM 2018 is “Mobility in disruption – fast forward to smart and sustainable societies”. With this theme, we want to put focus on the rapid changes happening in mobility and the need of them. Many cities and regions find themselves in an intensive process of transformation with strong growth in numbers of inhabitants, residential areas and businesses. However, the aim of creating social, economic and ecological societies is set higher than ever.

We are used to talk about smart and sustainable solutions for our societies in quite distant futures, but the truth is that we are already seeing many of these solutions now. At ECOMM 2018 we want to see both past changes and changes that are upon us right now, in order to show the disruption. Fast technical development in recent years and teaming up public-private and cross-border are examples of what has brought this disruption to mobility. However, with changes happening so fast, there are many challenges and concerns to be taken into account. Human behavior, safety and gaps between urban and rural areas are examples of these challenges.

In order to create socially, economically and ecologically sustainable societies it is crucial to have knowledge about behavior and behavioural change. Humans are both instinctive and analyzing and therefore sometimes unpredictable. At ECOMM 2018 we wish to focus a lot on behavioural change. What triggers whom? Who is sustainably convertible?

Safety is an issue on different levels and key to a socially sustainable future. Safe travels in terms of traffic safety for all modes of transport as well as safety in terms of information and handling of personal data are current topics when discussing mobility management. We talk about sustainable societies, which should include both urban and rural areas. Mobility Management (MM) needs to build bridges between different types of areas and prevent the gaps between them.