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Traffic systems for a liveable city

Safe, secure and accessible traffic situations through active speedbumps.

Digital Expertise

We deliver solutions that enable digital transformation and offer cutting-edge expertise. We combine agility and speed with world class methodologies. Locally and globally. We are Sogeti, here to help you.
Smart In The Dark
Smart in the dark® are unique products designed to keep people safe on the roads, whether they’re on the way to work, a party or during their leisure time. Wearing a reflector can make a vital difference!
Uppsala Climate Protocol
A local climate agreement between the public and private sector. The members assume leadership in the climate change challenge to reduce their emissions. It is an effective arena for working with mobility at a local level.
Trivector – Your Swedish partner in mobility management and sustainable transport projects
Svenska Cykelstäder
Swedish Cycling Cities is an organisation of Sweden’s top cycling municipalities, regions, firms and research institutes. The aim is to increase cycling through cooperation and knowledge exchange.
A three-year project for better quality of life and improved competitiveness with a reduced environmental impact
• Sustainable social planning
• Sustainable travel for personnel
• Sustainable travel for retail activity

Opportunities with MM in Land Use Planning

Purpose: Improve urban planning with the use of mobility management, exchange experiences and discuss challenges for a sustainable society.

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