• Ecomm 2018 Conference. Photo: Tor Johnsson

Do not miss to visit the poster session at ECOMM 2018

At the exhibition, a few ECOMM delegates will present posters of interesting topics. You are welcome to visit the poster session whenever you want but if you would like to discuss the posters with the presenters, we would encourage to pay extra attention to them during lunch (12:30-13:30) on 31 May, when the presenters will be there to discuss their topics.

Lucia Ilieva – CSDCS, Bulgaria
Fostering inclusive Mobility by Applying the Mobility as a Right (MaaR) Concept.

Hidde Westerweele – NHTV, Breda University of Applied Sciences
‘Fast forward to a sustainable University campus – Breda University, The Netherlands’

Timo Hämäläinen – Mapita
Maptionnaire – a visionary approach to transportation and mobility planning

Sebastian Peters – Mobilität Stadtwerke Offenbach
Urban Mobile Pioneering: The City of Offenbach and its Electric Mobility Service

Marjut Ollitervo – Finnish Cyclists’ Federation
Rethinking Safety

Ida Lundström – City of Umeå
Climate smart choices for a sustainable living

Michelle DeRobertis – University of Brescia
How a ZTL (traffic-limited zone) in Brescia’s historic center improved the quality of life for both residents and visitors.

Sofia Eckersten – KTH
Possibilities and Challenges for Mobility Management measures in early-stage Transport planning

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