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Organisers and committees


The ECOMM 2018 conference is organized by the Municipality of Uppsala and Uppsala County Council. In Uppsala, there is a unique link between academia and industry which intersects the university with companies in creative and knowledge-intensive industries such as life science, clean tech and smart information- and communication technology.

Local Programme Committee

Saga Hävermark – Uppsala kommun (The Municipality of Uppsala)
Gunilla Englund – Uppsala kommun (The Municipality of Uppsala)
Ingrid Lembke von Schéele – Uppsala kommun (The Municipality of Uppsala)
Mario Rivera – Uppsala kommun (The Municipality of Uppsala)
Tobias Malmgren – Uppsala kommun (The Municipality of Uppsala)
Lasse Andersson – Uppsala kommun (The Municipality of Uppsala)
Louise Åhman – Uppsala kommun (The Municipality of Uppsala)
Cecilia Carlqvist – Region Uppsala (Uppsala County Council)
Josefin Årevall – Region Uppsala (Uppsala County Council)
Johan Collby – Region Uppsala (Uppsala County Council)
Karolina Kjellberg – Uppsala Universitet (University of Uppsala)


Robert Thaler – President
Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

Odette van de Riet – Vice President
Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Sofie Walschap
 – Treasurer
Gewestelijke Overheidsdienst Brussel

Tytti Viinnikainen
 – Secretary
Liikennevirasto Finland

International Programme Committee (IPC)

Iris Ehrnleitner, Austria
Willy Raimund, Austria
Sofie Walschap, Belgium
Alice Gobiet, Belgium
Tytti Viinikainen, Finland
Taina Saarinen, Finland
Joris Marrel, France
Stéphane Chanut, France
Jörg Thiemann-Linden, Germany
Matthias Knobloch, Germany
Hans Voerknecht, Netherlands
Jorrit Nijhuis, Netherlands
Tom Norbech, Norway
Liv Øvstedal, Norway
Robert Stüssi, Portugal
Manuela Tavares, Portugal
Jesper Johansson, Sweden
Caroline Ljungberg, Sweden
Ingrid Lembke von Schéele, Sweden
Cecilia Carlqvist, Sweden
Lucia Ilieva, Bulgaria
Radomíra Jordová, Czechia
Dan Blanchet, UK
Kristina Gauce, Lithuania
Dana Sitanyiova, Slovakia
Aljaz Plevnik, Slovenia
Miguel Mateos, Spain
Roberto De Tomassi, Switzerland
Ioannis Politis, Greece
Ingrid Briesner, EPOMM

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