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EPOMM, the European Platform on Mobility Management, was founded by a number of committed member states. EPOMM’s aim is to function as the knowledge hub for mobility management and to disseminate the concept of mobility management, in order that mobility management becomes integrated in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), as well as in national and European mobility strategies. EPOMM fulfils this function in four ways.

First, EPOMM facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences among policymakers, stakeholders, experts and practitioners. EPOMM is a knowledge network of people and countries that meet regularly to exchange their experiences in mobility management. The highlight of the year is the annual European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM). This exchange of knowledge is further supported by a monthly newsletter.

Second, EPOMM has developed a broad range of tools, including:

  • The European Modal Split Database (TEMS) provides the modal split data for more than 350 cities across Europe
  • The EPOMM evaluation tool MaxEva is an evaluation tool for mobility management projects compiling data on an ever growing number of MM-projects throughout Europe.
  • Two policy evaluation tools aimed at supporting the evaluation processes (MaxQ and MaxSumo) – the MaxSumo method can be used on MaxEva.
  • Several web-based policy development tools (MaxExplorer, MaxLupo and MaxSem), which can be used to develop mobility management measures.
  • Mobility management monitors per country and for the EU, which provide insights into developments in mobility management.

Third, EPOMM facilitates policy transfers among countries, cities and regions, for which standardised policy and best practice transfer processes have been developed. EPOMM moreover acts as a training agent, helping trainers find the right format and reach the right audience.

And fourth, EPOMM puts emphasis to raise the awareness amongst national and European stake-holders that mobility management is not just a local or a regional issue, but should be part of the agenda of national and EU policies. EPOMM aims that these levels take initiatives to stimulate and support mobility management.

More information on EPOMM can be found on www.epomm.eu

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