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Mobility in disruption – Fast forward to smart and sustainable societies

Thank you – see you in Edinburgh next year!

The organisation behind ECOMM 2018 would like to thank all of you who participated and contributed to making the conference so great. We hope that you all enjoyed ECOMM 2018 as much as we did. All the presentations from ECOMM 2018 and some photos are now available here. 

See you at ECOMM 2019 in Edinburgh!

Welcome to ECOMM 2018 – the 22nd edition of the European Conference on Mobility Management, May 30 – June 1!

Yes,… it is essential not to lose the big picture when looking at our mobility needs as well as when planning for and providing a sustainable transport system.

We really have to dream big: Our ambition is to create pleasant cities and pleasant rural areas with happy people and a sustainable planet based on environmentally sound and decarbonized, economically beneficial and socially fair mobility and transport powered by renewable energy.

It is not just about e-cars, automatic vehicles or digitalization, it is not just about infrastructure, technology or pricing, it is not just about market or regulation, it is not about one magic measure pretending to make it all. In fact, it is all about a puzzle. Our big dream and bright mobility picture we are aiming for will need all puzzle pieces of measures and instruments of our basket or tool box.

Mobility management enables us to bringing all puzzle pieces of mobility and transport measures – technology, infrastructure, regional and urban planning, user oriented and behavioural aspects, market incentives and regulation approaches – smartly together so that we finally achieve this bright picture of environmentally, economically and socially sustainable mobility and transport.

We don’t need splendid isolation and sectoral silos, we need cooperation, we don ́t need less Europe, we need more Europe, more Europe in partnership! We don ́t need to wait, we can start and build on our creativity, experience and implementation power today!

There is a big dream to win, a bright big picture to paint – clean mobility – achievable by putting the puzzle pieces of mobility measures and instruments together guided by intelligent mobility management.

Let´s start to act on in it! Let´s be creative and take advantage of sharing inspirations at ECOMM here in the lively city of Uppsala. Let´s work together in the European Platform on Mobility Management!

See you in Uppsala from May 30 – June 1, 2018!

3 Days of intensive networking

The three-day conference attracts an average of 350-500 participants annually and consists of 50-80 lectures, an exhibition, various mobility excursions and a cultural program. ECOMM 2018 has the ambition to offer a unique experience to all participants and their accompanying persons. As a participant, you will have the chance to attend and actively participate in a large number of inspiring sessions, covering a wide spectrum of mobility related topics, as well as listen to some of the latest developments and innovations taking place both within and outside the city of Uppsala.

Uppsala – rich in history, culture and knowledge

Older than the country it is part of, Uppsala has been a city of learning for many centuries. Yet at the same time, it is vibrant, innovative and hyper-modern, using modern technology to create a blueprint for the future cities of Sweden.

Uppsala offers both picturesque countryside and the vibrancy of a big city. Here you can experience both history and modern living. This ancient city is very compact and has many unique sights. No traffic jams or overcrowded Metro trains. Getting around here is a sheer delight. Uppsala is a brilliant city to walk in, there is rarely anything that is more than a fifteen-minute walk away.

In recent decades, Sweden has emerged as a country with one of the world’s most exciting and innovative culinary cultures. Uppsala lives up to this reputation. Several of Uppsala’s finest restaurants have qualified for The White Guide, Sweden’s most important and influential restaurant guide. However, wherever you choose to eat, you can be sure of a really memorable restaurant experience.

Conference News

Updated programme sessions

Want to know more about the interactive panel discussion and the student session? Check out the updated programme! The panel discussion gathers well-known mobility experts from a wide variety of organisations. At the student session [...]